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Do You Need Paint Protection Film For Your Bike ?

We go to great lengths to protect our motorcycles from wear and damage. We buy crash bars, engine guards, and frame sliders to prepare for that worst-case scenario of an accident. We wash them, polish them, cover them up and store them indoors to protect them from weather and corrosion. But how many of us have considered paint protection film for a bike?   Just think about it: Nearly every new car or truck for sale nowadays either comes with paint protection film standard from the dealer, or offers additional paint protection for the bodywork as a factory option. But motorcycles? You might get a gas tank pad if you’re lucky. What gives?   In the article below we’ll look at all the benefits of this simple, cost-effective upgrade, and what paint protection film could do for your bike. What Does Paint Protection Film Do For...

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What is the Moto Screenies 9H Nano Glass Protective Film?

  What material is the Moto Screenies Nano Glass protective film made of? Nano glass is a combination of glass and plastic. For safety reasons, we do not install motorcycle speedometer protection films made of pure glass - the risk of shattering in an accident would be too high.Our normal films are made purely of plastic and are slightly thinner than the Nano Glass variant.   Advantages of Moto Screenies Premium Nano Glass. Shatterproof without splintering Easy installation - because the nano film automatically lays on the display 99% transparency - the film is hardly visible Despite the robust properties still ultra - thin No fingerprints thanks to special coating   How to apply a Moto Screenies Nano Glass film to your motorcycle speedometer unit? Clean the dashboard with the accessories in exactly this order. Use the...

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Remove scratches from your motorcycle speedometer unit for under 10€

If you love your motorcycle, you look after it like your own child. After all, riding is only really fun if your own machine is in top condition technically and also looks good on the road. Small scratches on the speedometer unit can be really annoying - they occur quickly and can hardly be avoided. Having scratches removed in a workshop is not only time-consuming, but also not exactly cheap. That doesn't have to be the case. In this article, we'll show you how you can do something about it yourself in just a few easy steps and remove scratches from the speedometer unit for less than ten euros.   First of all, you need an electric toothbrush. Whether in the drugstore market or online at Amazon - you can already get such a brush for a few euros. The special rotation technique is exactly the feature we need to remove the scratches....

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Moto Screenies speedometer protection films

  The wind blows in your face, you feel the power of the high-horsepower machine beneath you, and your gaze wanders from the asphalt toward boundless freedom. Every enthusiastic motorcyclist knows the feeling of anticipation and the rising level of adrenaline in the body when it goes from the casual everyday outfit into the motorcycle clothing and onto the beloved bike. Passionate bikers feel that riding is not just a casual way of getting from A to B, but that they are completely in their element on the asphalt and at speed. Of course, when riding a motorcycle, there are rules and risks in road traffic that every horsepower freak must observe. Starting with compliance with the prescribed and recommended speed limits. If you have the right perspective on your speedometer, you are guaranteed to be safe on the road. So that you can...

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