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Motorcycle wrapping cost calculator

designed by Moto Screenies


Is the motorcycle foiling cost calculator free ?

Yes – you don’t even need to register with us or necessarily leave an email. Use the calculator and get the result in under 2 minutes

What is a TPU paint protection film ?

TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane. It is a kind of thermoplastic elastomer. Therefore, it is elastic and melt processable. It has many favorable properties such as elasticity, transparency, oil resistance and abrasion resistance. TPU is a form of block copolymer (contains soft and hard segments).

In a nutshell – in the case of paint protection films, this is the more expensive and higher quality film:
The film is much thinner – more stable and flexible

What is a PU paint protection film?

PU stands for polyurethane. It is a polymer material consisting of urethane bonds. These are also known as carbamate bonds. Most polyurethanes are thermosets. They do not melt when heated. However, there are also some thermoplastic polyurethanes.

In short, this is a paint protection film that is a little thicker than a TPU film and also not as flexible as a TPU film.

Foil motorcycle cost

Depending on the effort and customer requirements between 300$ and 2000$
To get a relatively accurate estimate of the cost – use our free motorcycle films calculator.
There are many different wrapping projects.
Here one must distinguish for the time being between

-full foiling
-partial foiling
-only accents
-paint protection films, i.e. transparent films that protect the paintwork.

In addition, each foiler also has its own and different hourly rate, which varies depending on the project effort and the difficulty of the vehicle.
Our motorcycle wrapping cost calculator has the median value of many foilers, allowing for a more accurate figure than other calculators.

Of course, there is also the possibility of self-foiling to save costs. For example, smaller accents or pre-cut paint protection films with complete installation kits. You can find out more here.
Important here is a good preparation and to plan a little more film, so that failed attempts are included in the calculation.

Motorcycle foiling in the area or foiling yourself ?

Advantages of foiling are, of course, time, as well as the guarantee of a professional result.
Of course, if you want to have, for example, a full wrap with digital printing and do not have the opportunity to make it yourself, it is also easier to seek out a foiler.

However, if only small accents are to be foiled and you go about it prepared, this should not be a problem for a loaner.
Such as paint protection films for motorcycles, these are already available from various manufacturers in cut form.
This means you have to apply the film similar to puzzle pieces on the motorcycle according to an installation guide.
Most of the time, a complete installation kit is already included to make the motorcycle foiling as easy as possible.
The important thing here is to take your time and acquire a little know-how beforehand.
More about this here in the article – How to foiling



Why foil motorcycle?


There are two good reasons for motorcycle foiling.

1. optics
2. protection

Foiling is usually not only pleasing to the eye, but also provides very good protection.
So when a motorcycle is bought new and directly protected with a film.
One has a tremendously increased resale value.
The paint is still like new after thousands of kilometers – protected from daily abrasion – sunlight – stone chips – oil and gasoline.

The beauty of foiling that can be easily removed, not like a paint job which is not only largely more expensive, but also for eternity.