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What exactly is Moto Screenies Nano Glass and what is the difference between our normal films Anti-Glare (matte) and Ultra-Clear (clear)


What material is the Moto Screenies Nano Glass protective film made of?

Nano glass is a combination of glass and plastic. For safety reasons, we do not install motorcycle speedometer protection films made of pure glass – the risk of shattering in an accident would be too high.
Our normal films are made purely of plastic and are slightly thinner than the Nano Glass variant.


Advantages of Moto Screenies Premium Nano Glass.

  • Shatterproof without splintering
  • Easy installation – because the nano film automatically lays on the display
  • 99% transparency – the film is hardly visible
  • Despite the robust properties still ultra – thin
  • No fingerprints thanks to special coating


How to apply a Moto Screenies Nano Glass film to your motorcycle speedometer unit?

  1. Clean the dashboard with the accessories in exactly this order. Use the blue sticker to remove dust particles – do not press too hard.
  2. Peel the film from the carrier film – position the film in the center and make sure that no edges protrude – remove the bubbles to the outside
  3. Remove the top foil – wait 24 hours for optimal adhesion