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Safe driving fun through the perfect view of the speed with the motorcycle speedometer protection film from Moto Screenies.


The wind blows in your face, you feel the power of the high-horsepower machine beneath you, and your gaze wanders from the asphalt toward boundless freedom. Every enthusiastic motorcyclist knows the feeling of anticipation and the rising level of adrenaline in the body when it goes from the casual everyday outfit into the motorcycle clothing and onto the beloved bike. Passionate bikers feel that riding is not just a casual way of getting from A to B, but that they are completely in their element on the asphalt and at speed. Of course, when riding a motorcycle, there are rules and risks in road traffic that every horsepower freak must observe. Starting with compliance with the prescribed and recommended speed limits. If you have the right perspective on your speedometer, you are guaranteed to be safe on the road. So that you can pursue your hobby without restriction and as risk-free as possible, the experts from Moto Screenies have brought the ingenious motorcycle speedometer protection film onto the market.


Every approved and roadworthy motorcycle must also have a functioning speedometer, because even experienced motorcyclists can make mistakes when estimating speed. On endless long roads, in the mountains or in the city, keeping to the speed limit is the most important safeguard against dangerous situations for you and other road users. A clear view of your speedometer is the decisive prerequisite for this.


With a professional motorcycle display and speedometer protection film from Moto Screenies you can now swing on your bike without worry and always have the speed perfectly in view and under control. High-quality machines have in addition to the speedometer and electronic on-board computers, which are operated similarly to a mobile device via a display. From your cell phone you know for sure how dirt-sensitive and damage-prone these displays, digital monitors and thus also speedometers of motocross bikes are. The motorcycle speedometer protection film removes all scratches and you protect the display and speedometer of your bike from weather influences and damage.

If you don’t have a clear view of your motorcycle’s speedometer, you can get yourself into dangerous situations.

Perhaps you have also noticed sometimes in bad weather, strong sunlight or rain that your speedometer becomes very milky due to rain droplets or deposits and you could no longer accurately read the speed you were driving? This can be dangerous, because especially in bad weather conditions, a clear view of the speed is enormously important. Slippery roads, aquaplaning and also a hot asphalt require an adjusted speed. Imagine driving over a bridge on an autumn morning and the fog is rising. It rained last night and the road is still wet and slippery. Now you need to be careful, because any excessive speed can lead to catastrophic accidents. The clever motorcycle speedometer protection film from Moto Screenies is the professional solution for accurate protection for your display and speedometer. Water-repellent, airtight and absolutely tailored to your motorcycle, this screen protector film offers long-term protection against sunlight, stone chips, water damage, against fading and gross damage. The speedometer protection film can be easily removed even after several years and is very easy to install.


If you want to fully enjoy the passion of motorcycling without worrying about your safety, the display and speedometer protection film from Moto Screenies is the ideal accessory for your motorcycle.