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Do You Need Paint Protection Film For Your Bike?

We go to great lengths to protect our motorcycles from wear and damage. We buy crash bars, engine guards, and frame sliders to prepare for that worst-case scenario of an accident. We wash them, polish them, cover them up and store them indoors to protect them from weather and corrosion. But how many of us have considered paint protection film for a bike?


Just think about it: Nearly every new car or truck for sale nowadays either comes with paint protection film standard from the dealer, or offers additional paint protection for the bodywork as a factory option. But motorcycles? You might get a gas tank pad if you’re lucky. What gives?


In the article below we’ll look at all the benefits of this simple, cost-effective upgrade, and what paint protection film could do for your bike.

What Does Paint Protection Film Do For Bikes?

Well, as the name clearly suggests, paint protection film for bikes protects paint, but you might be surprised at the number of ways your bike’s paint is under attack every time you ride it. Here are the most common offenders:

We’ve All Dealt With The Birds And The Bees…

From the first time we throw a leg over a motorcycle, we quickly learn that smashing bugs just comes with the territory. You’ll find them on your face shield, on your gear, and even in your teeth if you’re not rocking a full-face helmet. But did you know the bugs your bike loves to collect are also eating away at its paint job?


See, bug splatter is both gross and acidic. Same goes for bird droppings. Every second that “bug juice” or “bird juice” sits on your paint, it eats away at the finish. Regular washes and occasional waxing help keep the bugs at bay, but paint protection film for bikes creates a permanent barrier against it.

Corrosive Fluids And Chemicals

Gasoline, brake fluid, and harsh cleaners or solvents all damage the finish of your motorcycle. Some of them (like gasoline) damage your paint over time, while others (like brake fluid) can strip it off completely within seconds.


Cover your paint with protection film for bikes, and you won’t have that problem. These protective films are made from durable polyurethane, which is both super strong and super thin, creating a nearly invisible but highly protective barrier against any chemicals that could damage the finish underneath.

Rocks, Road Debris, Scratches, Dings, And Nicks

Consider this the “everything else” category. Just like cars, motorcycles have a habit of picking up scratches, pocks, and chips from rocks, sand, and other assorted road debris of every description.


Take a look at any bike over a few years old and the damage is plain to see: Little flecks of primer showing through on the front fairing, chips on the mudguard, rash on the belly plastics. Even the best wax treatments out there only do so much.


Protective film, on the other hand? Well, that’s another story. Pebbles and debris bounce right off polyurethane film. Same goes for those little scratches and scuffs that magically appear while your bike sits in the parking lot.

Is Paint Protection Film For Your Bike Worth The Money?


Absolutely, yes.


Consider the cost of your average full-coverage paint protection film bike kit: Even the nicest, most comprehensive paint protection film kits out there cost well under $200.


Now, consider the cost of what those kits are protecting. Let’s say you’re currently riding the Ducati 1299 Panigale, the last of the V-Twin superbikes from Bologna. The most scuff, scratch, chip, and bug damage-prone areas of the bike are the front-facing fairings. Know how much it costs to replace just the headlight fairing of that bike? Here’s a hint: It’s over $900. And that nice carbon front fender that’s hanging out in harm’s way 24/7? That’ll cost you over $500 to replace. Same goes for the fairings on either side of the bike. It adds up quick.


Or, you can protect all three (and then some) with protection film for your bike.


Paint Protection For Your Bike Raises Its Resell Value

Imagine you’re on the hunt for your dream bike, and have been scouring Facebook Marketplace, Cycle Trade, Craigslist, or whatever your used bike marketplace of choice may be. You find two low-mileage bikes in your area and arrange to go meet the owners.


The first bike is in great shape, has all its service records, and is ready to ride. In fact, there’s only one glaring issue: There’s a nice big two-inch section of paint missing from the side fairing where a tow strap rubbed against it for a hundred miles or so. Asking price: $7,800.


The second bike is nearly a carbon copy: Same mileage, same color, same flawless maintenance records. All the bodywork on this one happens to be flawless though. And not only that, it’s also well protected with a full-coverage protection film for bikes. Which owner do you think took better care of their motorcycle? How much more would you be willing to pay for the second one. We’ll wager it’s at least another $200, which is more than the cost of a paint protection film for any bike.


That’s what we call a smart investment.