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Customised display protection films

designed by Moto Screenies


How much does a custom-made screen protector cost ?

There is no general answer to this question.
Of course, it always depends on the material, dimensions and the quantity purchased.
Prices of 0.49€ per unit are quite possible with higher purchase quantities.

What are the minimum purchase quantities ?

We don’t have anything like that – it is possible to have a custom-made product made by us from 1 foil.

What does the "H" mean for the screen protector material ?

First of all, you have to understand what the “H” means:
It indicates the “hardness”, i.e. the “thickness” of the film.
Accordingly, the 3H variant is a thinner film than the 9H variant.

What is 3H Ultra-Clear?
3H Ultra-Clear Films:
+ Protection from scratches and dirt
+ 99% transparent
+ true to color
– not anti-reflective
What is 3H Anti-Glare?
3H Anti-Glare Films:
+ Protection from scratches and dirt
+ matte coating
+ anti-reflective in sunlight
+ anti-reflective display
– Low brightness loss
What is 9H Nano Glass?
9H Nano Glass Films:
+Removable without residue
+UV Resistant
+Water / gasoline and dirt repellent
+ only available in Clear variant
What is TPU film?
TPU film:
+ Particularly suitable for curved display units
+Removable without residue
+UV Resistant
+Water / gasoline and dirt repellent
+ only available in Clear variant
How long does it take until my request is answered ?

We usually respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.
You are also welcome to send us a message directly via WhatsApp.

Where and how are the screen protectors manufactured?

The display protection film is manufactured in Germany using state-of-the-art laser machines.
Development – Production – Packaging – All under one roof in Germany

Is dropshipping (direct shipping) to your customers possible ?

Our fully automated warehouse also allows direct shipping to your customers – of course DSGVO compliant.

Is it possible to have your own packaging?

Of course – feel free to contact us in this regard and our design department will be glad to help you further

Customised display protection film


Whether private or commercial, we offer you the possibility to produce your own customised display protection films at favourable conditions.

Whether prefabricated DXF drawings or a drawing as a scan, we will be happy to help you and find the right solution for protecting your LCD / display unit.

We produce protective films exactly to your specifications for all display units.

From a minimum purchase quantity of 1 piece up to 500,000 pieces, everything is possible in our German location.

If you have any questions, please contact us directly via WhatsApp or email – the link is below on the right.



Procedure up to the individual display protection film

Use our display protection film configurator to quickly and easily find your customised product:

  1. Which material is suitable?
  • 3H Ultra-Clear
  • 3H Anti-Glare
  • 9H Nano
  • TPU Flexible
  • What quantities do you need and what kind of model are we talking about?
  • Upload the file either as a scan – CAD or DXF
  • Deposit your contact details for the first contact and sending of the first prototypes
    1. Measuring the object – Display protection film

      Option 1 :Photo measurement

      1. Take a photo of the display as frontally as possible – so that you can clearly see the contour and the display unit.
      2. Now measure X and Y – Horizontal and Vertical
      3. Send us the file via the customised screen protector configurator

      the pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them

      Possibility 2 : Puffing

      1. Fix a sheet of paper or baking parchment to the object with adhesive tape.
      2. Trace the contour between the display unit and the housing with a pencil to create a fine gape line.
      3. Now scan the sheet in A4 format – please let us know if another format is used.
      4. Send us the file via the customised screen protector configurator


      Option 3 : Classical measurement

      1. Measure the object with a protractor and calipers.
      2. Draw the dimensions in conventional CAD software programs.
      3. Send us the file via the customised screen protector configurator

      A list of paid CAD software – click here

      Free software for creating DXF drawings is for example GIMP – click here for download